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    Michael commented  · 

    I've had an enjoyable time playing through the Legacy of the Dweller campaign. The quality of the writing immediately impressed and I kept playing because I was surprised to find this kind of quality in a free-to-play browser RPG. The world felt lived-in yet at the same time new elements of it were introduced without excess exposition, and the story moved along at a nice click. The artworks featured in the gallery were also an initial draw and were probably a big part of the reason why I tried this game out, but the writing was what kept me!

    Also, the combat was surprisingly tactical. As a Beacon, I enjoyed running circles around my enemies with Dash and positioning myself to skewer two enemies at a time with Long Thrust. Having a reach weapon and using Pushing Blow combined with Dash proved to be a nigh-invincible strategy against most melee enemies--even groups--so the later battles did end up becoming a bit rinse-and-repeat, but I felt really cunning doing it nonetheless.

    So my main suggestion is to encourage you to make another campaign! I would love to see where the story goes next and maybe get to know some of the recurring characters a little better. Thankyou for an enjoyable experience :D

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