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Implement Arena / Gauntlet mode

Currently, there's little for characters to do once they've completed the available adventures or reached the effective level cap. Additionally, quests have little to no replay value, as they're the same each time you play them. I propose an arena or gauntlet style quest or game mode wherein the group is pitted against increasingly difficult groups of enemies, randomly chosen, on a randomly chosen terrain map. Ideally, rewards would be given based on how far a group made it before being defeated. It would also lend itself to a leader board or 'hall of fame' so to speak.

The benefit would be something to do once characters hit the level cap or completes all of the quests, something different to play when the group wishes to, and a focus on tactical combat, rather than just beating our heads against the same encounters until we beat them.

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  • Phearless commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I normally don't like arena stuff because it always feels like exactly what it is: something tacked on to add artificial "gameplay" to the game. But it might be interesting if matches weren't played in arenas, but on actual battlemaps, were party vs. party rather than 1 on 1, and the parties were composed of randomly chosen characters and archetypes (and possible even vary in number). How would four rogues do against two truebows and two beacons? It would be interesting to find out, and I imagine it would require a fair bit of tactical thinking on both sides to boot.

    Maybe it's not actually doable due to archetype imbalances, but that's something I'd kind of like to see.

  • Andreas commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    And... pvp?
    Ok, that can be tough with coordinating all the people, but if it wasn't a "present activity" but rather something that can go on in the background, like a game of correspondence chess, then even big parties can slug it out - if they realize that they shouldn't necessarily expect fast action.

  • AdminDerek (Manager, 10x10 Room) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks for the suggestion. Making sure that there's plenty to do is something we care a lot about, and adding gauntlet-style adventures is something we've talked about.

    I do want to mention that quests aren't the same each time you play them. The choices you make at decision points affect the challenges you face afterward, and the choices available to you depend on the characters in your party. The differences aren't always dramatic, but we'll be doing more with that in the future.

    In addition, we definitely plan on releasing higher-level quests. We haven't done that yet because we're focused on making the core experience of the game as fun and engaging as possible first.

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