I suggest you ...

EVP = EvilPlayer

Conclave is Great project thanks for it boys (10x10 Room),
as I read here on forum or on Internet, Steam sites too.

I read many Ideas how to expand this game through new:
- Races,
- Skills,
- graphics,
- spells,
- monsters,
- traps,
- riddles,
- Quests,
- PVP,
- etc. ... (because nice world of D&D provide more and more of them)

Many peoples afraid if this project isn't dead? But from time to time we can catch little sparks
from darkness. And new things to game appears. They come slowly but still comes (hope).

During my play I sees this game is good balanced what is very important and fragile state.
So please be carefull by introducing new things to game.

When I was playing games D&D alike, I always play as Hero against Evil Game Master (GM),
but I dreamed about D&D where player can choose and join Quest but for Evil side as Goblin,
Skeleton, Orc against Hero Players.
For example "In Scriptorium" - quest I want play as one of Gaunts and slows down heroes.
Real Hero players which meet same quest not predefined computer heroes ;o)

Speciall reward Quest (SRQ)
These Speciall Reward Quests simply starts only if meets condition of neccessary aviable EVP players online.
EVP players will have different chat through they will comunicate and prepare tactics about advance
during quest as heroes now has.

Winers will be,
Heroes: if heroes successfully win this Quest (SRQ) gain access to another random things as
new Speciall Reward Quest, items, Renown.
Evil Players (EVP): if EVP player successfully kills during quest Hero player automatically
it again random unlock another Evil kind of creature (goblin, orc, rat, etc...) for this player,
or new weapon type for actuall crature ( for example if crature has melee attack can get bow,
throwing knife etc. ...).

Introducing expansion with SRQ Quests this way can utilise actual builded quests, monsters,
graphics and helps create strategically better oponents for peoples which finished all 20+5 Quests.
Or simply want try play for malevolent Evil side in unordinary PVP ;)

Thank you all for reading Marian

P.S. same text I post too on:

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